Standard Package

All your family can connect, study, chat, and socialize with the «Standard» pack for slight use purposes.

Family Protection
Reasonable price
Standard offer.. with double speed To subscribe, please call 6443

Standard Package FAQ

Super Speed packages summary

Super Speed packages for Internet is perfect for you

  • Used to watch online courses, movies, and series, search and chat on social media by the whole family.
  • Suitable for: 4 users Click to subscribe.
  • Don’t want to spend too much? The “Standard” subscription is dedicated to satisfy you and complete all your work at a price that satisfies you, and it’s Used to search, browse social media channels and chat.
  • Suitable for: 2 users
  • And you can find out which subscription is suitable for you via a help plan .

Subscription prices are determined by Resellers, where prices are usually somewhat similar between Resellers, and if you are dissatisfied with the price of your subscription, please contact us through social media channels.


The Standard subscription comes at the forefront of the subscriptions which is dedicated to the small family of four persons, and it’s the third in the category of home user subscriptions, preceded by light and economic subscription, followed by active and turbo and business.


It is definitely suitable for use by 4 users, as a small family, using the Internet to watch online courses fast, movies and series, search and chat on social media sites.

You can find out the details of your home subscription, subscription type, username, remaining days and many other details through My EarthLink application.